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We are not offering in-person practice tests at this time. Your practice test options are:

1. Take a practice test at home. You can use a virtual proctor video on YouTube that will give you time warnings, breaks, etc. I suggest the following channels:

  • SupertutorTV – has standard time proctoring for SAT, PSAT, and ACT. Just search for “proctor” on the channel to see the list of videos.

  • PrepSharp – has proctoring for full ACT tests, both with standard and extended time, as well as proctoring for each individual section, both with standard and extended time. Also simulates test room background noise such as other students writing, erasing, moving in their chairs, coughing, etc.

  • A-List Education – has standard and extended-time videos for both ACT and SAT.

2. Have a parent proctor your test for you. Contact Jill for complete timing instructions.

3. Check out More Than a Teacher ( for their schedule of practice tests. This Austin-based test prep company offers in-person practice test sessions for a small fee.

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