Jill Oestreicher was born in New Jersey to New Yorker parents, but please don't hold that against her.  

She attended high school in a suburb of Houston but, finding high school to be generally uninteresting, decided to drop out and move on early to college.  She attended the State University of New York at Geneseo, UT-Austin, and Stanford, studying a variety of topics but eventually settling on philosophy.

Jill first began working in test prep while a graduate student at Stanford.  After moving back to Austin, she continued in test prep and is now entering her 22nd year as a tutor!


Jill's Test Prep Philosophy:


I offer no set programs but instead cater my lessons to the needs of the individual student.  Students complete practice tests and homework assignments and review that work in-lesson.  Based on the questions the student missed, we work on the needed content and strategies, and I give additional assignments to target those areas.  I realize that students already have a heavy workload with their academic and other extracurricular activities, and so I prefer to assign less homework but make sure that it "counts."


I work with many high-scoring students who may not be well-served by other, more standardized test prep programs.  I have worked through many of the available test prep books and can recommend the best materials for the advanced student.  When it comes to test prep, one size does not fit all!     

Jill C. Oestreicher

950 Westbank Drive

Suite 208

Austin, TX  78746

(512) 417-0087