If you have a high starting score on the PSAT/SAT (1300+) or ACT (28+), then a standard test prep program might be a waste of time and money, since much of what is presented is aimed at students with lower scores.

Perhaps you are just working on your own--going through the various practice tests available in books or online--and you have a few particular questions you need answered, such as...

--"How do I handle the problems that involve tables/probability?"

--"How do I deal with a fraction involving polynomials that won't factor and reduce?" (hint:  it's long division!).

--"When do I use a semicolon vs. a colon vs. a dash?"

--"Two answers on a Reading question seem to both be correct.  How do I pick one?"

Well, I would be happy to assist you!  We can arrange lessons in which I will address your specific questions.  Lessons are assessed at $175/hour, and the minimum lesson length is 15 minutes ($45).  Discounted rates are available for families facing financial hardship; please don't hesitate to ask!