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If you have a high starting score on the PSAT/SAT (1240+) or ACT (27+), then a standard test prep program might be a waste of time and money, since much of what is presented is aimed at students with lower starting scores.

My goal is to make your test prep as efficient and effective as possible, so we'll jump right in and figure out which specific areas of content and strategy you need to work on. I know your time is limited, so we will make the best use of it!

I also enjoy working with students who've chosen to do test prep on their own but are seeking supplemental assistance. For example, perhaps you just have a few particular questions you need answered, such as...

--"How do I handle the problems that involve tables/probability?"

--"How do I deal with a fraction involving polynomials that won't factor and reduce?" (hint:  it's long division!).

--"When do I use a semicolon vs. a colon vs. a dash?"

--"Two answers on a Reading question seem to both be correct.  How do I pick one?"

if so, I'm happy to help you! All programs are catered to the individual student, so you can do as much or as little work with me as you desire.






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