Traffic in our fair city has increased to the point that some students spend more time driving to and from my office than they spend in their actual lessons, which is a true waste of time.  

Thus, I am now offering tutoring appointments by phone!  During a phone appointment, we may also utilize an online collaborative whiteboard, as appropriate.

In-person appointments are the ideal, of course, but phone appointments will also work well for students who have already had several in-person appointments and have thus established a good working relationship with me.  I am also happy to consider, on a case-by-case basis, phone appointments for new students for whom travel to my office is not feasible.     

You are free to request a phone appointment for any lesson time listed on my calendar.  Note that some lesson times are designed "phone appointment only."

Jill C. Oestreicher

950 Westbank Drive

Suite 208

Austin, TX  78746

(512) 417-0087